Hero Features Overview

Hero provides you with a multitude of car services in order to make your life more convenient. More manageable. More stress-free. So in effort to continue with that theme, here is how you navigate through the application. Below we provided instructions on how to use some of the features/services we provide. 


Oil Change

Easily the most valued service we provide, getting your oil change is a necessary and important part of regular car maintenance. Usually recommended that you change your oil every 15,000 miles, this number may vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive, and the weight and type of oil you use. But even knowing that, the maintenance light always seems to come on during the most inconvenient times. So let us come to you, and change your oil wherever you are. 

Open the Hero App. Click on Oil Change Service. Select Oil Type. Select Location. Request!


Car Wash

Every time you get into your vehicle, you look around and say "I need to clean my car soon." But soon never seems to come around soon enough. The days turns to months, then that becomes years, all the while still telling yourself the same excuses. There are plenty of mobile detailing companies, but none of them are as convenient as Hero. We understand that you may not know how your days will always play out, but once you request us we will come to you.

Open the Hero App. Click on Car Wash Service. Select Type of  Car Wash. Select Location. Request!


Towing/Roadside Assistance

Unfortunate events happen all the time to seemingly innocent bystanders. Locking your keys in the car in the grocery store parking lot. Rushing to make it to class to take an exam, and you realize you somehow got a flat tire. Coming back to your car and you noticed your lights been on all night. An unending amount of situations and circumstances lead you to the same conclusion. "WHAT DO I DO NOW?!" Hero is here to answer that question. Don't panic. Don't Stress. Just call Hero. 

Open the Hero App. Click on either Towing or Roadside Assistance. Select the Type of Roadside Assistance needed. Select Location. Request!